Archery - Enduring Passion
Archery has a long and honourable history encompassing hunting, warfare and more recently, sporting endeavours. The technology of bow and arrows has come a long way from the first stick and string hunting weapons, via Henry the V's longbows at Agincourt, to todays carbon fibre marvels seen in the Olympic games.

Movie characters such as Katniss and  Legolas;  TV shows such as Arrow, and  the spectacular showing at the Olympics has attracted many new devotees to the sport of Archery. The profile of archery has never been higher.

The enduring fascination of such an apparently simple discipline is down to the challenge presented by mastering the physical and mental aspects of the sport. Many also archers  find grappling with equipment selection and maintainence provides an engaging hobby in itself.  Archery is also one of the few sports where regardless of physical capability, age or sex, participants can participate and should they choose, compete.

As archery grows in popularity and sophistication Blackheath Archers will also continue to grow and develop. So if you are a shooter looking to make some new friends, want a new practice venue or if you fancy giving archery a try for the first time, contact us at Blackheath Archers.
History of Archery
Archery in Ireland 
Archery in Ireland has several governing bodies depending on the subdiscipline of archery involved - target or field shooting. At Blackheath Archers we shoot mainly target archery and hence we are affiliated with Archery Ireland, which in turn is associated with World Archery.  

Archery Irelands website has a calendar of its competitions and events taking place throughout the year and is well worth a look. World Archerys website is filled with interesting facts, figures and resources, a must see for any enthusiast
World Archery
Archery Ireland
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